If you want to perform a strike…

…then let me know!

A “strike” is a skit.  If you’d like to perform one at the Director’s Event this Friday send me an email with this info:

Who is in the strike (each student may only be in one strike)?

What is the name of your strike?

Is your strike 3 minutes or less?

Will you have time to rehearse it before it is performed?

Let me know by 4:00pm this Friday.


Director’s Event Info

The event will begin at 6:00pm and end at 9:15 on Friday, December 2, at US Digital.

This event is for the cast and crew only.

The address is 1400 NE 136th Ave #201, Vancouver 98684.

Drop your kids off at 5:50 so they will be ready to start at 6.

Peggy Sheehan (Jovie’s grandma) is providing pizza.  Thank you, Peggy!  Other food will be there as well.  A more detailed list will follow.

Pick up will be at 9:15.

Looking forward to seeing everyone one last time before Christmas!


Prayer Team

If you would be willing to pray for the needs of Journey Theater, please sign up here to be added to the Journey Theater Prayer Team