Rehearsal Tracks

“Hey everyone! Just wanted to communicate a little message to you all to let you know that everything from Act 1 that needs a part listening aid is officially in the google drive. I am working diligently to get all part listening aids needed for Act 2 in the drive by the middle of next week. A quick note for you all: the most important pieces in act 1 to study a lot before act one run through are Story of My Life, What’s Up Duloc, and their respective tags/reprises. All of the harmonies and music director notes are laid out for you, but if you have any additional questions or concerns do not hesitate to reach out! Please consult the Music Director’s notes for each of your songs before this weekend, those are there to remind you of what we did in the rehearsals so that you have an easy reference for practicing at home! Harmonies are homework!
PS: Freak flag will be the first listening aids from Act 2 to arrive in the folder, as soon as they are there I ask that all fairytale creatures learn those parts in advance of the first scheduled rehearsal for that song to the best of their abilities, this will make rehearsal as smooth as possible for this big musical number!
You all are doing fantastic and I am excited to keep working this weekend.
– Taylor G.”


Listen, listen, listen!  These are recordings of the music that will be playing during the show.  There is a melody guide that plays along.  Start getting familiar!

Parts listening aids:

This music is intended for rehearsal purposes only.  When the show is finished, please be sure to delete the music from whatever device(s) you have saved it to. This will help ensure we abide by our copyright license agreement!