Message from the Director

Hey All,

I’m excited to be directing Shrek! What a beautiful storyline sprinkled with hilarious-ness. The humor in Shrek comes in all shapes and sizes; it’s witty, there’s character comedy, sarcasm, and there’s a bit of “potty” humor; which I expect may make some people uncomfortable, but it’s not the “driving” force of the show. I plan on making it as tasteful as possible and drawing in the audience laughs…we are dealing with ogres here!

The story of Shrek cleverly reveals that while people naturally tend to guard their hearts and struggle to let people in, those who choose to let down their walls in order to love others receive an amazing gift, the gift of being comfortable with how God made us, each person an original!

The gift of directing a show is that I get to share with an audience how I want to portray the story. We each have the story of our life, but what makes a story interesting is how all of our own stories intersect with one another’s!

I can’t wait to see who shows up to auditions! Good luck!!! We are gonna build a big, bright, beautiful “Shrek” community together!