Junie B. Jones

Dance rehearsal videos

There is a Dance Rehearsal link under the Show Index tab above that contains videos of our dance rehearsals.  Use them to practice, practice, practice!

Presence in the Sound Booth

I’m looking for parents to be a presence in the sound booth during performances to help ensure there are always more than 2 in the space at a time.  I would like you to be there from 5 minutes before show time until the end of the show.  There are no comfortable seats up there.  You’ll stand or use a stool, but its a great vantage point to see the show.  Any parent who is there must have a background check.

Please send me an email if you are interested and give me 1 or 2 dates that would work for you to be there.  h.bode@journeytheater.org

Show and Tell

For the Show and Tell dance number we are asking School Kids and Mr. Scary’s Class to bring show and tell items from home.  We’d like everyone to bring their item to the act 1 run through on February 17 so we can determine if the items are good picks or if we need to keep trying.  Once the item is approved, it should not be changed.


  • must not be breakable
  • must fit in show box
  • easy to hold onto while dancing
  • is OK if it gets dirty
  • won’t hurt anyone if it gets dropped
  • will remain at theater from move in day until strike.

No Streaming

A question was brought up during the parent meeting, asking if we could live stream a performance.

We can not.  While some shows are technically able to stream, there are additional royalty fees involved and complexities for streaming.  In the end, we do not have the time and staffing to allocate to it.

Dance Videos and Nonsense

Hey All!
That was a fun first weekend of rehearsals! We are going to put on such a good show! A new tradition I’ve been doing for the shows I direct is putting together a “nonsense” board. I’ll be adding new pix and videos to the folder as we go through rehearsals, dress rehearsals and then show!
Also every weekend after rehearsal we will be posting the dances you learned so you can keep on PRACTICING!!!
Can’t wait for next weekend’s rehearsals!

Instructions for costumes:

The costume committee is requesting cast members in the following groups to let us know if you have any clothes in similar styles to those shown below.
School Kids
Lunch Box
Scary’s class
Bus Squad
Please DO NOT go out and buy anything. We are trying to get a feel for what everybody already has. Once you have an outfit put together, please text or email a photo to Amy Platt 360-606-9655 or aplatt@journeytheater.org BEFORE February 8. Costume pieces have to be approved and changes to items will be made. All approved items will be worn to rehearsal on February 10. (Costumes are not final and changes may still be made, which is another reason we do not want you buying anything). Please reach out to Amy if you have any questions.
We are looking for costumes to be in this color scheme:

Here are some examples of what we would like costumes to look like. Think, first day of school, first grade.
Boys:  Jeans, flannels, zip up hoodies, long sleeve thermal style shirts. nice joggers, shorts (with tall socks), polo shirts.
Shoes: Need to be clean in like new condition: Converse type , tennis shoes, van slip on type. boots. There is a lot of dancing, so be sure your cast member can dance in their shoes.


Girls:  Skirts with leggings, dresses with leggings or tights. jeans. Sweaters. Overall dresses or overalls.
Shoes- Converse type shoes, little tennis shoes (like keds style) vans, booties. Comfortable to dance in.


Enter/exit for rehearsals

When dropping your student off at rehearsal, please have them enter the single, red door around the corner from where you have been entering the church up until now.  If no one is waiting at the door, please text me, 971-274-8075, upon arrival so I can let your student in.

Drop Off


At pick up time, we encourage parents to enter the building.  Come in the double doors you are used to coming in and wait for your students to be released.  I will let the first parent to arrive in the building and from that point on parents can open the door for other parents who enter.

Pick Up

We are doing all we can to keep doors locked so that unauthorized people do not enter the building.  Thank you for your help in these efforts.