Around the World in 80 Days

Wrap Party photos and video

We had so much fun at the wrap party on Friday night! Great job encouraging friends and family to come see the show!

Ticket sales were great and audiences loved it. You should be proud of the work you put in.

Here are photos and some video from the party if you’re interested.

This is my last post for Around the World in 80 Days.

Have a great summer!

Warehouse directions and parking

Here are directions to our warehouse, where sets building/painting, props and tech are located.

Props warehouse address: 19907 NE 8th St. Camas, WA 98607

We can no longer park along the fence on the road leading to the warehouse.  There is no parking on Frieberg/Strunk road either.

Families may park at Union High School and walk from there. Carpooling to/from the rehearsal location can work, too!



What is forking?

For those new to Journey, forking is one of our fun traditions!

Don’t be surprised if you wake up one morning to find your yard covered in plastic forks (and sometimes spoons and knives as well!).  You may even find paper plates with notes written on them (sharpies work best in cast of rain).

You may be asked by your student to drive a bunch of cast/crew around to fork others.  It’s so much fun!  Great memories!

Let everyone in your house know!

Excused Absences from Rehearsals

Be sure to list ALL a conflicts on the student audition form (it is helpful to note details such as late arrivals or needing to leave early). 

If the conflicts can be accommodated and your student is cast, those conflicts will be excused. 

If conflicts are such that missing those rehearsals prove detrimental to the work of the show, it may mean that your student is not cast.

The assumption is that if your student can be at rehearsal when called, they will be.

Students MUST attend all shows.

Students must be present at all dress rehearsals unless there is a school conflict that determines a grade.

Please note that if a student is absent (for any reason) from a rehearsal where something new is taught, it is possible that they won’t be able to be in that scene/song/dance, or a portion thereof.  Because of our tight rehearsal schedule, the Artistic Team rarely has time to go back and re-teach what has already been taught.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.



Basic Character Makeup

This is an example of basic character makeup.  Notice the eyes have liner and mascara.  Cheeks have some color and lips do, too… but do not look “made up”.

Foundation is not required… but if you wear it, wear what you like to and normally wear.


Here is another tutorial (there is another post below) on applying basic character makeup:

Makeup training at home!

Here are some great makeup training guides for basic makeup application.  These videos don’t always run on phones, so you may need to watch the from your computer.



Makeup Application Guide – Tom Sawyer 2018 training
PLAYLIST  by Banjo Cat

Journey Chat Rooms

Dear Parents,

Some of you may know that many Journey students connect online via what they call “Journey Chats.” It’s important for parents to know that these online chat rooms are not initiated, sanctioned nor monitored by Journey staff. We encourage parents to be aware of their student’s activity if they are participating in any online conversations.
These conversations are overwhelmingly positive and serve as a place for students to encourage each other outside of classes and rehearsals, yet it is important to be aware of the inherent limitations and drawbacks of any online social platform. We love the relationships and community that is formed through Journey, and we will continue to encourage students to focus on building these friendships in-person.
Thanks for being a part of this amazing community!

Prayer Team

If you would be willing to pray for the needs of Journey Theater, please sign up here to be added to the Journey Theater Prayer Team