Willy Wonka the Musical

Makeup testing tonight

Megan Gillespie will be at the Costume Closet located at Crosspointe Church (Monday night classes are held there) tonight from 6-9pm if anyone would like to pop in to get color matched for stage makeup.

If you have littles with you while at Crosspointe Church, they must be supervised at all times.

If you can not make it tonight, do not worry.  Someone on the hair and makeup team will be available to test at a later date if needed.  Not everyone HAS to be makeup tested, however if you would like to purchase the Ben Nye stage makeup, it is recommended.  Contact Megan if you have any questions:

Production Fees and T-Shirt Orders Due Tomorrow!

Production Fees (cast only) are due by noon tomorrow!  There is a $25 late fee if Production Fees are not paid on time.

T-shirt orders are also due tomorrow!  These are not mandatory to purchase, but if you want one, now is the time!  Only a few extras are ordered, so if you forget you may (or may not) be able to get one.  Cast members recieve a t-shirt as part of their production fee.  Crew members will need to order a shirt online if they wish to have one.

Go to the Payments and Online Ordering tab at the top, right hand side of this page to order!

Other optional items are available to order online as well.  You can view what you have paid for on your family page.  Deadlines are firm in order to be able to process the orders/tasks in a timely manner.  Late orders will not be accepted.


Message from Beka:

Hey All!
GREAT first weekend of rehearsal! I truly know this is going to be such a great, creative, joyful, fun show! It’s a really good story to tell.
Each week you can expect a note after rehearsals with…
  • Updates to the WILLY WONKA | DANCE LINK so you can PRACTICE!!!!
  • You can check out some of our nonsense on WILLY WONKA | NONSENSE BOARD
  • Michael will be sending out vocal parts for what you rehearsed! Keep an eye out for that!
  • Ticket Sale updates! 2970 is SOLD OUT SHOWS & this is our GOAL!!! We have sold 231 tickets, only 2739 to go!
Please practice your lines, your music, your dancing, and your acting! Own your show and have fun doing it!
Can’t wait to hang again! See you next weekend!
P.S.Don’t forget to thank your parent committees, they are hard at work!

Audition Feedback Guidelines

Because we are an educational theater company, we want to be able to offer constructive feedback from the audition experience so that students can continue to grow in their skills. Auditioning for a show is a vulnerable process; students often spend lots of time preparing and planning for the opportunity to showcase their best in their “Minute to Shine”. When casting goes a different direction than students hoped, there often is disappointment and a desire to improve.

With these things in mind, here are a few guidelines and reminders for requesting feedback from the artistic team:

1.)  Students, not parents, should send an email request to the Show Director through the Show Coordinator (h.bode@journeytheater.org). Parents are welcome to help supervise students in their request, but it is important for the request to be initiated by the performer so the Director can address them directly.

2.)  Requests for feedback should be made before Act 1 Run Thru.  Requests made after Act 1 Run Thru challenge the Director’s immediate memory recall.

3.)  Requests should be made via EMAIL ONLY. Face to face inquiries are inappropriate. They are stressful for the student and cause the Director to feel “on the spot”. Giving feedback via email allows Directors to consult with their team and compile notes in order to give a well thought out critique.

4.)  Students should expect to only receive feedback about their individual performance. Students will not be told why they did not receive a particular role. They will simply be given a critique of the audition they presented.

5.)  Students and parents are reminded that sometimes there are no specific improvements a student could make. They performed to an exemplary level and could not have done anything different to prepare more efficiently. Casting a show is a difficult process and theatrical story telling often relies on physical ability to convey the story. We encourage students to know and understand their “type” and embrace the opportunity for roles that suit their strengths.

The Artistic Team is committed to pursuing the Lord’s design and vision for the show. They “pray without ceasing,” sometimes for months before casting. Casting a show is an act of faith on their part and we trust that the Lord will help them to place kids where they can shine, be a blessing, be blessed, and bring glory to His name!


Ticket Goals

Performing to a full audience is always fun!
Get the word out and tell your friends to get their tickets! This is going to be a great show!
A Director’s Event will be held on Saturday, December 2 at 10am  at Summit View Church if we meet the following ticket sales goals:
Ticket Sales Goals
Level 1 – 1800  –  Show viewing and some snacks.
Level 2 – 2150  –  Show, snacks and an hour for games.
Level 3 – 2500  –  Show, snacks and an hour and a half for games.
(2970 is a total sell out)

Show Buddies

What is a Show Buddy? Show Buddies are people who know you and watch out for you during the rehearsal and show experience. Turn to your Show Buddies when you have a question, don’t know what to do, or where to go.  They are also your safety-check-in group if there’s an emergency.  We have Show Buddies to help us encourage one another and build community.

Do I give gifts? No! There should be no gift giving or money spent on your Show Buddies.  Instead, write encouragement notes, or give a high fives. Check in with them and see how they’re doing.  Most importantly, PRAY for them!

When will we meet?  Show Buddies will be introduced during the first rehearsal this Friday.  The director will have times throughout the rehearsal process when Show Buddies get together. 

Stacti Dore
Masiah Neale-Meikle
Peyton Schoonover
Jovie Platt
Haley Martin
Valeri Reynolds
Aliyah Waite
Natalie Martin
Juliet Begines
Edyn Finley
Rain Begines
Alayna Harris
Landon Johnsen
Zoey Arpin
Vida Hornback
Scarlett Young
Zoey Coffman
Riley Doan
Ruby Staples
Sadie Hartley
Sophia Amauba
Addyson Finley
Alexis Ramirez
Chloe Ward
Katelyn Robison
Austin Gillespie
Decklan Storie
Isaiah Salwasser
Rylan Lewis
Eliana Yuen
Aria Guth
Claire Salwasser
Helen Feliciano
Emily Gillespie
Chloe Kim
Sophia Roper
Katie Hughes
Emily Sagert
Emelyn Barocio
Isabella Mercurio
Macy Thompson
Spencer Hays
Uriah Michael
Ryan Stenstadvold
Jackson Lacy
Oliver Goins
Olivia Remsing
Brea Phan
Kaitlyn Ramirez
Madelyn Pick
Grace Brahmer
Aislyn Volk
Clare Porter
Layla McCulley
Rylan Babby
Josh Postupak
Izayah Finley
Josh Hornback
Katie Connolly
Ava Cabe
Jaden Wanous
Janey Gillespie
Kyrie Hamilton
Judah Johnsen
Jack Ireland
Judah Short
Katie McKenzie
Aja Storie
Emma Pocock
Naomi Jenks
Maggie Cole
Charity Short
Karina Yuen
Nyla Finley

Rehearsal Schedule

The rehearsal schedule is posted!  Go to the Rehearsal Schedule tab under the Show Index tab at the top right hand side of this page.

You will recieve a paper copy as part of your parent agenda this Friday evening.

Much thought has been put into the rehearsal schedule, however sometimes adjustments are necessary.  Updates to the rehearsal schedule will be posted to the callboard. 


Hold off on buying your tickets for Wonka!

Please do not purchase tickets for yourselves until you know what committee you have been assigned to and when you will be needed to work.  Many committees have commitments during performances.  Everyone should be able to figure out their commitments during the parent meeting Friday night, so bring your calendars! Committee chairs should work on a schedule so everyone knows when they are working and when they are free to see the show.  If you are uncertain about when you will be working, contact your committee chair.

I hope to have committee assignments posted by Wednesday evening.

On the subject of tickets;  each student enrolled in a class gets a free ticket to the show they are not a part of. These tickets are added to your Journey Theater account after each show has been cast. These tickets cannot be redeemed at the door. Login to your Journey account or call our office to claim.


Willy Wonka Audition Information

If your child plans on auditioning, I encourage you to please take some time to review ALL of the tabs at the top of the page so that you are familiar with the audition process, schedules, expectations, parent commitments and more.

Students must currently be enrolled in a Journey class in order to audition. Enrollment in a class includes regular session and Studio.  Students do not need to be enrolled in a class to apply for crew.

Auditions will be held at Summit View Church, Heritage Park Campus (7701 NE 182nd Ave, Vancouver), in the Worship Center, on Friday, September 22.  Sign in between 5 and 7pm. Doors open at 4:45.  The Worship Center is the larger of two buildings on the property, at the East end of the lot.

If your student has a physical disability that requires accommodation at auditions, please email me at h.bode@journeytheater.org at least 3 days prior to the audition date.

Students must bring the following to auditions:  

  • Auditioners prepare vocal audition; prepared with a background track without a lead vocal. It is recommended that song selections be limited to 16 bars/measures, or 30-45 seconds from the time the student begins singing.  If at 1 minute an auditioner is still singing, the music will be stopped and the audition will end. See our Auditions Page for more information. We will only play background tracks that have been downloaded to a phone. Please bring an adapter that suits your phone. (We are no longer playing tracks from CDs).
  • All auditioners must bring a current photo (a school photo is fine) and an audition form to the check in table.  
  • All must complete an online costume form before coming to auditions.
  • All parents of those auditioning must complete an online parent committee form before coming to auditions. 

Friends and family are invited to watch auditions.  Auditions take place in groups of 10.  Even though check in closes at 7pm, auditions will continue until all are finished, which could go later than 9pm.  Auditioners are welcome to leave after their group of 10 is finished or they may stay and encourage others.

Students 10 – 18 are eligible to apply to be part of our crew.  It is not mandatory that a student be in a class this session in order to apply, however, students in class will have priority over students not in class.  A student who auditions may also submit a crew form if they wish to be considered in case of being cut. Unfortunately, we cannot always use everyone who applies for crew. Crew members MUST be present at every dress rehearsal and every show. 

The online crew applications must be submitted by 7pm on Friday, September 22. If a student is not auditioning and submitting a crew form only, there is no need to attend auditions.

The Stage Manager position will be evaluated by a separate application and determined prior to show auditions. If you are interested in applying for this position, please fill out the separate Stage Manager Application.  This application is due Friday, September 15 by 7pm.

Conflicts may affect casting. You will have an opportunity to indicate any scheduling conflicts on the Audition Form. All cast and crew members must be able to attend every dress rehearsal and all performances.  Dress Rehearsal conflicts may be approved only for a school performance where the student’s grade would be impacted.

In the event that a student is cut from Willy Wonka, they will be considered for crew only if a crew form has been submitted.  Students may submit a crew form when they audition.  If a student chooses not to submit a crew form (and thus is not considered for crew) they are elegible and welcome to audition for The Wizard of Oz.

Watch this callboard the night of auditions for information on who will be called back!  Not being invited to callbacks does NOT mean that your student will not be cast (likewise, being invited to callbacks does not ensure that your student will be cast).  Be sure to check the cast and crew announcement, right here on this callboard on Sunday, September 24 after 5:00pm.

Callbacks are by invitation only.  Auditioners do not receive a personal contact if invited to callbacks.  They will only be notified via this callboard:  vaneast.journey theater.org

Callbacks are closed.  Students will be dropped off at the entrance of the church at their callback time and will be picked up at the doors at the end of their scheduled session.  Students may be called at any time between 9am and 2pm.


Parent participation is mandatory for all students who are cast in the show.  Parents of crew members are not required to serve on a parent committee, though participation is always welcome.  Parents will be assigned to various committees and will receive their assignment on or before September 28.  Parent attendance is required at two parent meetings:  September 29 and October 27, to be held during rehearsal time.  Crew member parents are required to attend the meeting on October 27 if this is the first time your student has been in a school year Journey prodution.

Production Fees of $165 will be assigned to all students cast in the show.  Fees are due Monday, October 2 by noon.  They will be added to your Journey Family account shortly after casting.  You may log in to your account to pay or by calling the Journey office (360-750-8550).  Production fees include a t-shirt and a show sticker.  Shirt sizes must be listed on the student costume form.  Crew members and family members who wish to purchase additional shirts must do so by Monday, October 2 (by noon!) through the ordering link which will be accessed through the tab at the top of the callboard page.


I will be needing help to run auditions on the September 22.  I’ll be posting more information about that soon.

If you still have questions after reading through this and previous posts (and the tabs above), do not hesitate to email me, Heather Bode, at h.bode@journeytheater.org.

Thank you!