Junie B. Jones

Register for classes if you plan to audition for a Spring show!

At the First Class Night there will be a brief information session for those wishing to know more about shows:  auditioning, parent committee expectations, and much more.

You don’t have to commit to being in a show by taking classes… BUT you can not audition for a show unless you are in a class on either Monday or Tuesday night.  So, if auditioning is something you are considering, the first step is to get enrolled as soon as possible!

Everything you need to know about class options, locations, availability, dates and registration can be found here.

You can also learn about the auditioning process by checking out our website:  https://journeytheater.org/auditions/

More information will be posted here daily, so check back often!

If you have any questions about Velveteen Rabbit, please contact Heather Bode at h.bode@journeytheater.org.

If you have questions about Honk!, please contact Shannon McIlroy at s.mcilroy@journeytheater.org.

Saturday Schedule:

Cast and crew are called at 1:00 pm.  School doors do not open before 1:00.

Immediately following Meet and Greet of the matinee, cast and crew will go to the auditorium for a time of nonsense and fun and presentation of certificates. Parents do not need to attend, but are encouraged and welcome to!  If you’d like to watch the presentations, head to the auditorium at about 3:45.  We will finish at about 4:30, at which time cast and crew will have some down time.  We may show a movie in the theater for those who want to relax, while the green room will be kept lit up for those who want to read, make sure their scripts have all marks erased (please send an eraser along with student scripts!), play games and eat. Food will be ready for those who preordered a show meal (including parents on committee) at approximately 4:45.  Students must change out of costume or be wearing their coverup when eating.

6:00 pm cast, crew and parents begin preparing for evening show.

After Meet and Greet for the evening show, students will immediately change and everyone will work together to strike everything that was brought to the theater.  All committee members assigned to sets, costumes, laundry, props, hair and makeup, tech, concessions, house and box office will work to make sure that the areas we occupied are picked up and all items are removed from the school. Parents serving on other committees are encouraged to help strike as many hands make light work.  All items should be returned to the place from which they were acquired: the warehouse, Crosspointe, or the Journey office.

Students are encouraged to help with the break down and removal of items from the school.

We can use help breaking down sets!!

We must have all items removed from the school premises by 11:00pm.

All scripts must be returned to Jazlyn or Mrs. Bode at strike, with marks erased.  Students who do not turn in their scripts will have a $40 fee added to their Journey family account.

Committee chairs may turn in paperwork to me during strike, or they may be taken to US Digital the following week.

This has been such a fantastic show!  Thank you all for your hard work and dedication in bringing such a fun and engaging story to our community!

Can’t make the show?

All remaining shows are sold out.  There are a very few limited view seats in the front row that may be purchased the day of the show, at the door.

If you, or someone you know, has tickets to the show and they can’t attend, please encourage them to release their tickets so that they may be sold to people who are still hoping to see the show.  There are very few seats left available.

You may call the office during business hours to release tickets:  360-750-8550.

Or you may text Brooke at Box Office:  360-991-5427.

Be sure to include the name the tickets were purchased under, the correct date, and the seat numbers.

Thank you!

From the Director:

Hey All!

What a BEAUTIFUL weekend of shows you put on! Congratulations. It was GOOOOOD!!!! And then cute!
I can’t wait to see you all Wednesday night! This is my reminder that we have a show Wednesday night. Do you know, how I know that the show is good! Because Wednesday night now only has a few tickets available! We have 336 tickets sold for that night!!! Word got out! I’m so proud of you!
Please think through the order of the show, keep singing your songs, and going over your lines before Wednesday!
I’ve updated the nonsense board with some nonsense, but there is more to come! See you soon!
Beka Hardt ❤️


All of us at Journey Theater would like to express a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who contributes to the program in so many ways.  Sometimes your acts of generosity may happen in a way that we may not hear about directly (a donated auction item, extra money put toward committee work, etc.).  But we want you to know… we see you, we are grateful, and the impact you are having on so many is immeasurable.  Thank you for the difference you are making in this community.

Spring Shows

You can find information about our upcoming spring shows on the Journey website;  https://journeytheater.org/

In addition, you can go to the callboard for each show.  You may have to wade through some tabs to find what you are looking for… but information is there, including character descriptions.

The Honk callboard is found at https://vancouver.journeytheater.org/

The Velveteen Rabbit callboard is found right here at http://vaneast.journeytheater.org/

Students must be enrolled in a class in order to audition for a show.  Students may fill out a crew application even if not enrolled in a class, however students who are in class will have priority over those who are not.

Cleaning Schedule

Please note the nights that your cast/crew member(s) are scheduled to clean.  They will be the last to leave the theater on those evenings, about 10 minutes later than everyone else.

It would be helpful if you confirm that their tasks were completed when you pick them up so they don’t get reassigned to help on another evening. 😉

Junie B. Jones cleaning schedule



Journey Chat Rooms

Dear Parents,

Some of you may know that many Journey students connect online via what they call “Journey Chats.” It’s important for parents to know that these online chat rooms are not initiated, sanctioned nor monitored by Journey staff. We encourage parents to be aware of their student’s activity if they are participating in any online conversations.
These conversations are overwhelmingly positive and serve as a place for students to encourage each other outside of classes and rehearsals, yet it is important to be aware of the inherent limitations and drawbacks of any online social platform. We love the relationships and community that is formed through Journey, and we will continue to encourage students to focus on building these friendships in-person.
Thanks for being a part of this amazing community!

Dance rehearsal videos

There is a Dance Rehearsal link under the Show Index tab above that contains videos of our dance rehearsals.  Use them to practice, practice, practice!