The SpongeBob Musical

No March 14 Show

Unfortunately, ticket sales do no warrant adding another show to our original schedule.

Thank you for being willing and available!  You will have the 14th to rest and prep for the final show weekend.


All of us at Journey Theater would like to express a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who contributes to the program in so many ways.  Sometimes your acts of generosity may happen in a way that we may not hear about directly (a donated auction item, extra money put toward committee work, extra time to make your project work just right, etc.).  But we want you to know… we see you, we are grateful, and the impact you are having on so many is immeasurable.  Thank you for the difference you are making in this community.

Costume Parade, Feb. 24: at Crosspointe Baptist!

All cast will come to rehearsal this Saturday, February 24, with hair and makeup done for the character that you will be in your button photo.  Scroll down to see the previous post with the button photo list.  Bring hair and makeup supplies, stand alone mirror and cover up in case touch ups are needed.  You will not be able to get ready in the bathrooms.  If you want to take your makeup off at the end of rehearsal, bring makeup remover.


Be sure to bring or wear your show shoes and tights/socks.  

Students will have an opportunity to have pictures taken holding a “Come See Me!” sign that may be used to promote ticket sales. The photographer will take the photos and I will make them available to you via the callboard later in the weekend.  Crew will have their button photos taken during dress week.


Rehearsal ends at 1:00!

Button Photo Groupings

Below are the groupings for button photos to be taken this Saturday during Costume Parade.  Crew button photos will be taken during dress week.

Come with your hair and makeup done for the character indicated on the list below.

See the previous post about the costume parade for details on what to bring with you.

If you are unsure how to apply basic makeup, there is a video posted on a recent post.

For those who are excused during this rehearsal, your button photo group will have photos taken during dress week.

If you have any questions, email me:

We are eager to see you all in costume!

Sandy Cheeks
Patrick Star
Squidward Tentacles
Eugene Krabs
Sheldon Plankton
Karen the Computer
Pearl Krabs
Electric Skates
Patchy the Pirate
Security Guards
Pirate Band (all 4)
The Mayor
Perch Perkins
Old Man Jenkins
Mrs. Puff
Larry the Lobster
Buster Bluetang
Military Fish
Featured Sardines
Hip Hop Fish (not Layla McCulley)
Ian Erickson
Cowboy Fish
Max Andersen
Blake Daniels
Rowan Williams
Jack Ireland
Masiah Neale-Meikle
Carly Carlsen
Grey Olsen
Viola Schrater
Isabella Woodall
Starboard Ensemble:
Iona McIlvain
Rylan Lewis
Finna McIlvain
Adelyn Miller
Samantha Johnson
Adalyn Schoonover
Rachel Short
Buccaneer Ensemble:
Anjali Dodla
Macy Meskill
Oliver Maughan
Charity Short
Charlotte Jackson
Scarlett Maher
Havalah Schrater
Isabella Tobin
Emily Sagert
Jackson Lacy
Annalie Ahola
Lilyan Graham
Landon Johnsen
Marquise Philbrook
Nyla Finley
Morgan Hamreus
Jaden Wanous
Edyn Finley
Sebastian Maher
Eoin McIlvain

Show meals order deadline on Monday

If you’d like to order show meals, the deadline to do so is midnight on Monday, February 26.

Go to the payments tab above.

Meals are brought in for convenience, for all who order:  cast, crew or parent committee member.  You may order one or more.  They are brought in between the two Saturday shows, as students are not allowed to leave the theater in between the matinee and evening show.  If you do not prefer to order, that is fine, just be sure to send a meal with your cast or crew member.

Options are:

March 9:  Choice of Chick-fil-A sandwich or 8 pc nuggets.  Comes with chips, carrots, and rice crispy treat.

March 16:  Choice of Jimmy John’s Turkey or Ham sandwich.  Comes with chips, fruit, and a rice crispy treat.

Meals are $7 each.

Second parent meeting this Friday

Our 2nd Parent Meeting will be held this Friday, February 23, at Summit View Church, in the auditorium.  This meeting is mandatory for all cast parents and for all new crew parents.


The meeting begins at 6:30 for all first time cast and crew parents.


Returning cast parents, please be seated by 7:15.


If you are unable to attend, you must find another adult (who is not already required to be at the meeting) to stand in for you, attend the committee meeting in your place, and report back to you.

Costco pizza Friday if you order on Thursday!

Click on this link and order by 5:00pm on Thursday!  Pizza Order Form

After your first response is sent, you will have a chance to fill out another form (and as many as you need) if you have more than one student you are ordering for.

Those who order ahead of time will have Costco pizza for dinner this Friday, Feb. 23.

Cost is $1.50 per slice, choices of cheese and/or pepperoni.

Turn in an envelope with exact change inside and their name and order written on the outside to Mrs. Audrey Miller at check in.

Those who do not wish to order pizza may bring their meal.

Trying to decide which show to audition for in Spring?

Check out the details about Around the World in 80 Days!

Go the the Upcoming tab under Show Index above, or click here!

Ticket Goals

Performing to a full audience is always fun!
You guys are doing a great job of telling your friends to get their tickets!  As of today, February 9, you’ve sold 698 tickets! 
A Director’s Event will be held on Saturday, March 23 at 5:30pm  at Summit View Church if we meet the following ticket sales goals:
Ticket Sales Goals
Level 1 – 1800  –  Show viewing and some snacks.
Level 2 – 1950  –  Show, more snacks and a game.
Level 3 – 2166 (sell out all shows)  –  Show, dinner and more games.

Letter Writing Winners

Thank you to all who participated in sharing about Journey with those you love through our letter writing campaign.
Congratulations to our winners!
Private Dance lesson: Karla Eells

Merchandise: Jenny Sauter and Oliver Maughan
Gift cards: Maddie and Lillie Pick, Judah and Jackson Johnsen, Caleigh and Emma Tumelty, Isaiah and Claire Salwasser, Ezra and Karis Zollner, Imogen McIlvain, and Bella Mercurio