Disney's Descendants

Script Assignments

Scripts will be handed out to those listed below at the first rehearsal.  Parents will sign for the scripts upon arrival to the parent meeting.  Students who are 18 may sign for their own.

Parents will sign the scripts back in at the end of the show, at Strike, with the Stage Manager.  Pencil marks need to be erased.  Scripts that are not returned will have a $15 charge added to the family’s Journey account.

For this show, cast members may choose to purchase their scripts.


Samuel Barnes

Maggie Cole

Madilyn Criss

Ian Erickson

Addyson Finley

Austin Gillespie

Lucas Gillespie

Sadie Gilliam

Sophie Gilliam

Spencer Hays

Isabelle Hill

Emerson Mannen

Bailey McIlroy

Isabella Mercurio

Trevin Miller

Tyson Miller

Raegan Muelheim

Chase Muraski

CJ Muraski

Olivia Parker

Luke Perozzo

Jovie Platt

Ben Prunk

Emma Riddle

Lilli Sanders

Jenny Sauter

Sasha Vavilin

Aislyn Volk

Mollie Waller

Emmaline Wilder

Payment link is open

Production Fees (cast only) are due Monday, January 24.  This is BEFORE our first rehearsal!  There is a $25 late fee if Production Fees are not paid on time.

T-shirt orders are also due the same day!  These are not mandatory to purchase, but if you want one, now is the time!  Only a few extras are ordered, so if you forget you may (or may not) be able to get one.  Cast members recieve a t-shirt as part of their production fee.  Crew members will need to order a shirt online if they wish to have one.

Go to the Payments and Online Ordering tab at the top, right hand side of this page to order!


Cast and Crew List

What a fun audition weekend!  The Artistic Team for Descendants had a great time with your kids and thoughtfully and prayerfully put the cast and crew together.  They are looking forward to working with you!

If you auditioned and do not see your name on the cast list, please watch for an email from the Director (Beka).  We had many more students audition than we are able to include due to venue constraints and the needs of the show.

Our first rehearsal for all cast and crew will be Friday, January 28 from 5:00 – 9:00 in the gym at Summit View Church.  Most rehearsals will be held in this location.  Those that differ will be noted on the rehearsal schedule.

Cast and crew must attend all rehearsals they are scheduled for.  If you included non negotiable conflicts on your audition form they will be listed on the rehearsal schedule and will be excused.  If scheduled for a rehearsal that you listed as negotiable, you will be expected to attend.  All other absences, except illness or family emergency will be unexcused. The rehearsal schedule will be posted here on the Callboard soon.  

At our Friday rehearsal photos will be taken for our PlaybillCast and crew should wear a black, no logo/design shirt for photos.  Please do not wear a hat or scarf or other colorful jewelry or headpieces and make sure you look your best!

Later this week we will post a list of cast members who will receive a script.

We will not have rehearsal CDs for this show.  Links will be posted to the callboard of music for students to access.

Our mandatory First Parent Meeting will also take place on Friday, January 28.  The meeting is 6:30 – 9:00 pm for new parents and 7:15 – 9:00 pm for returning parents.  Attendance at the first parent meeting is required for all cast parents.  Crew parents are welcomed and encouraged to attend.  While the students are rehearsing in the gym, parents will be meeting in the auditorium, in the same space in which auditions were held.

If you cannot attend the meeting, and you communicated that on your Parent Committee Form, you must send another adult in your place who meets these criteria:

  1.  They are not already required to attend the meeting (as a parent of another child in the show)
  2.  They can sit in your committee meeting, gather your assignments and communicate them to you.

Every parent of a cast member will be assigned to a committee(s). The list of committees will be posted by Monday, the 24th.  You’ll meet with your committee during our parent meeting.

Production Fees (cast only) are due by midnight on Monday, January 24.  Go to the online ordering page on the Callboard to pay beginning this Tuesday afternoon.

T-shirt orders are also due on Monday.  You can order those through the same link.

Sign up for text alerts by texting @jtwand to 81010.

                                                   Cast List

Mal Madilyn Criss
Evie Addyson Finley
Jay Spencer Hays
Carlos Luke Perozzo
Maleficent Isabelle Hill
Grimhilde Sadie Gilliam
Jafar Austin Gillespie
Cruella de Vil Maggie Cole
Ben CJ Muraski
King Beast Trevin Miller
Queen Belle Sasha Vavilin
Fairy Godmother / Choir Director Emmaline Wilder
Jane Isabella Mercurio
Chad Lucas Gillespie
Audrey Sophie Gilliam
Doug Samuel Barnes
Royal Page Olivia Parker
Royal Guard Ben Prunk
Maurice Tyson Miller
Coach Ian Erickson
Snow White Jenny Sauter
Dance Ensemble
Ian Erickson
Grace Farrell
Katie Hughes
Kenna Jenkins
Emerson Mannen
Trevin Miller
Tyson Miller
Mia Montler
Raegan Muelheim
Chase Muraski
Jazlyn Perozzo
Jovie Platt
Ben Prunk
Lilli Sanders
Jenny Sauter
Isabella Stiller
Maggie Cole Off Stage
Ian Erickson
Austin Gillespie Off Stage
Lucas Gillespie
Sadie Gilliam Off Stage
Sophie Gilliam
Isabelle Hill Off Stage
Kenna Jenkins
Emerson Mannen
Bailey McIlroy
Chloe McIlroy
Isabella Mercurio
Trevin Miller Off Stage
Raegan Muelheim
Chase Muraski
CJ Muraski
Olivia Parker
Jovie Platt
Ben Prunk
Emma Riddle
Lilli Sanders
Sasha Vavilin Off Stage
Aislyn Volk
Mollie Waller
Zoey Arpin
Grace Brahmer
Innessa Buckner
Ava Cabe
Grace Erickson
Edyn Finley
Izayah Finley
Nyla Finley
Lucy Gause
Emily Gillespie
Lilyan Graham
Kacie Jenkins
Judah Johnsen
Samantha Johnson
Rylan Lewis
Bailey McIlroy
Chloe McIlroy
Vivian McKillop
Ellie Prunk
Alexis Ramirez
Kaitlyn Ramirez
Olivia Remsing
Emma Riddle
Isabelle Rodriguez
Juliette Rodriquez
Tommy Rodriguez
Sophia Roper
Emily Sagert
Annie Sheppert
Aja Storie
Lily Strickland
Abilene Trevino
Aislyn Volk
Mollie Waller
Jaden Wanous
Olivia Wilder
Grace Williams
Karina Yuen


                                                   Crew List

Stage Manager Keziah Perozzo
Crew Chief Hailey Wilhelm
Sound Cues Andrew Rutherford
Projector Rylie Edwards
Light Board Landon Johnsen
Spotlight Stacti Dore
Spotlight Tobias Dore
Mics Henry Tullis
MIcs Melody Keast
Props Jake Daly
Props Caroline Tullis
Props Natalia Stiltner
Backstage Sebastian Maher
Backstage Annalie Ahola
Backstage Sophia Amauba

Please go back to the top and read all the information that is there!


Those auditioning for Descendants are encouraged to spend some time getting familiar with the following sides.

If invited to Callbacks on Saturday, January 15, students may be asked to read from any of these scene selections.

Page 9-12, Side 1
Page 20-22, Side 2
Page 28-29, Side 3
Page 34-37, Side 4

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