Junie B. Jones

No Streaming

A question was brought up during the parent meeting, asking if we could live stream a performance.

We can not.  While some shows are technically able to stream, there are additional royalty fees involved and complexities for streaming.  In the end, we do not have the time and staffing to allocate to it.

Dance Videos and Nonsense

Hey All!
That was a fun first weekend of rehearsals! We are going to put on such a good show! A new tradition I’ve been doing for the shows I direct is putting together a “nonsense” board. I’ll be adding new pix and videos to the folder as we go through rehearsals, dress rehearsals and then show!
Also every weekend after rehearsal we will be posting the dances you learned so you can keep on PRACTICING!!!
Can’t wait for next weekend’s rehearsals!

Instructions for costumes:

The costume committee is requesting cast members in the following groups to let us know if you have any clothes in similar styles to those shown below.
School Kids
Lunch Box
Scary’s class
Bus Squad
Please DO NOT go out and buy anything. We are trying to get a feel for what everybody already has. Once you have an outfit put together, please text or email a photo to Amy Platt 360-606-9655 or aplatt@journeytheater.org BEFORE February 8. Costume pieces have to be approved and changes to items will be made. All approved items will be worn to rehearsal on February 10. (Costumes are not final and changes may still be made, which is another reason we do not want you buying anything). Please reach out to Amy if you have any questions.
We are looking for costumes to be in this color scheme:

Here are some examples of what we would like costumes to look like. Think, first day of school, first grade.
Boys:  Jeans, flannels, zip up hoodies, long sleeve thermal style shirts. nice joggers, shorts (with tall socks), polo shirts.
Shoes: Need to be clean in like new condition: Converse type , tennis shoes, van slip on type. boots. There is a lot of dancing, so be sure your cast member can dance in their shoes.


Girls:  Skirts with leggings, dresses with leggings or tights. jeans. Sweaters. Overall dresses or overalls.
Shoes- Converse type shoes, little tennis shoes (like keds style) vans, booties. Comfortable to dance in.


Enter/exit for rehearsals

When dropping your student off at rehearsal, please have them enter the single, red door around the corner from where you have been entering the church up until now.  If no one is waiting at the door, please text me, 971-274-8075, upon arrival so I can let your student in.

Drop Off


At pick up time, we encourage parents to enter the building.  Come in the double doors you are used to coming in and wait for your students to be released.  I will let the first parent to arrive in the building and from that point on parents can open the door for other parents who enter.

Pick Up

We are doing all we can to keep doors locked so that unauthorized people do not enter the building.  Thank you for your help in these efforts.

Small change to Rehearsal Schedule 2/4

A change was made to the schedule for February 4.  Instead of school kids being called, it is Mr. Scary’s Class who is called.

You may find the rehearsal schedule under the Show Index tab at the top, right hand side of this page.

You will recieve a paper copy at the first parent meeting on Friday night.

You will notice pizza slices on some of the rehearsal days.  We will be offering pizza for sale by the slice as a dinner option at those rehearsals.  More details will be posted soon.

Show Buddies

What is a Show Buddy? Show Buddies are people who know you and watch out for you during the rehearsal and show experience. Turn to your Show Buddies when you have a question, don’t know what to do, or where to go.  They are also your safety-check-in group if there’s an emergency.  We have Show Buddies to help us encourage one another and build community.

Do I give gifts? No! There should be no gift giving or money spent on your Show Buddies.  Instead, write encouragement notes, or give a high fives. Check in with them and see how they’re doing.  Most importantly, PRAY for them!

When will we meet?  Show Buddies will be introduced during the first rehearsal this Friday.  The director will have times throughout the rehearsal process when Show Buddies get together. 

Junie B. Jones Show Buddies

Aislyn Volk, Katie Welborn, Karina Yuen, Josie Marrs
Lily Strickland, Helen Feliciano, Ava Cabe, Emma Tumelty
Judah Johnsen, Sawyer DeWein, Tommy Rodriguez, Mikah Ramirez
Jazlyn Perozzo, Danika Torneby, Zoey Arpin, Kaisa Rittman
Eliana Yuen, Jovie Platt, Caleigh Tumelty, Hallie Fusare
Aja Storie, Chloe Ward, Sophia Roper, Claire Salwasser
Alexis Ramirez, Gracie Brahmer, Macy Thompson, Sophia Hart
Juliette Rodriguez, Charity Short, Kaitlyn Ramirez, Maddie Pick
Sebastian Maher, Ethan Southworth, Kyrie Hamilton, Uriah Michael
Sophia Amauba, Riley Doan, Kacie Jenkins, Aliyah Waite
Rain Begines, Sadie Hartley, Caspian Estrada, Toivo Rittman
Landon Johnsen, Rylan Lewis, Charlie Riolo, Jack Ireland
Emily Gillespie, Juliet Begines, Ellie Sherwood, Bella Mercurio
Keziah Perozzo, Mollie Waller, Adele Anaya, Peyton Olson
Luke Perozzo, Jackson Lacy, Finnegan McCray
Scarlett Maher, Peyton Schoonover, Finley DeWein

Hold off on buying your tickets for Junie B.!

Please do not purchase tickets for yourselves until you know to which committees you have been assigned and when you will be needed to work.  Many committees have commitments during performances.


Committee assignments will be out by early next week.  Even after that, the chairs of each committee will have to create a work schedule before you are free to purchase tickets.  It is a lot of work for our chairs to try to fit people into assigned duties and take conflicts into consideration.  Help your fellow cast parents out:  connect with your committee chair before buying your tickets!

Audition Feedback Guidelines

Because we are an educational theater company, we want to be able to offer constructive feedback from the audition experience so that students can continue to grow in their skills. Auditioning for a show is a vulnerable process; students often spend lots of time preparing and planning for the opportunity to showcase their best in their “Minute to Shine”. When casting goes a different direction than students hoped, there often is disappointment and a desire to improve.

With these things in mind, here are a few guidelines and reminders for requesting feedback from the artistic team:

1.)  Students, not parents, should send an email request to the Show Director through the Show Coordinator (h.bode@journeytheater.org). Parents are welcome to help supervise students in their request, but it is important for the request to be initiated by the performer so the Director can address them directly.

2.)  Requests for feedback should be made before Act 1 Run Thru.  Requests made after Act 1 Run Thru challenge the Director’s immediate memory recall.

3.)  Requests should be made via EMAIL ONLY. Face to face inquiries are inappropriate. They are stressful for the student and cause the Director to feel “on the spot”. Giving feedback via email allows Directors to consult with their team and compile notes in order to give a well thought out critique.

4.)  Students should expect to only receive feedback about their individual performance. Students will not be told why they did not receive a particular role. They will simply be given a critique of the audition they presented.

5.)  Students and parents are reminded that sometimes there are no specific improvements a student could make. They performed to an exemplary level and could not have done anything different to prepare more efficiently. Casting a show is a difficult process and theatrical story telling often relies on physical ability to convey the story. We encourage students to know and understand their “type” and embrace the opportunity for roles that suit their strengths.

The Artistic Team is committed to pursuing the Lord’s design and vision for the show. They “pray without ceasing,” sometimes for months before casting. Casting a show is an act of faith on their part and we trust that the Lord will help them to place kids where they can shine, be a blessing, be blessed, and bring glory to His name!


Let’s see Bye Bye Birdie together!

Each student gets a free ticket to each show they are not cast/or crew in. These tickets have been added to your Journey Theater account since casting. These tickets cannot be redeemed at the door, you must redeem them online or by calling the office.

The only Bye Bye Birdie performance this entire cast and crew is able to see together is on March 4 at 7:00pm.  Please plan on seeing the show that evening, and be sure to wear your show shirt!